Frequently asked Questions

Ever wondered what the diffrence is between Spacers and Stoppers?
Spacers are decorative and small in width. They are used to accentuate certain charms. For example many people like to accentuate the center bead on their bracelet by placing a spacer on either side of the central bead. They are also great to use throughout your bracelet to add some dimension. We have a huge collection of spacers in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. We carry sterling silver, CZ and enamel spacers.
Stoppers have a silicone core that fits very snuggly to your bracelet. They are more difficult to get on initially. Our suggested technique is to twist the stopper while pushing it over the tip of your bracelet. After you succeed at getting your stopper on the first time it is much easier to get on and take off. A stopper’s purpose is to hold your charms in place once on your bracelet. They can be used to separate sections, keep charms in the center of your bracelet. They can also keep your charms from falling off the end of your bracelet when taking it off and putting it on, like a lock.  In any use, they’re an elegant edition to your bracelet that are as beautiful as they are effective.
There is something for everyone and every bracelet, it just depends on what function you are looking for.
What is a safety chain?
When you’ve put the time and money into creating your ideal bracelet, the last thing you want to do is lose it. And, that’s why we would always recommend investing in a safety chain. If the clasp of our bracelet ever opens unexpectedly, this will help to prevent your jewellery from slipping off your wrist, reducing the risk of you losing it.
These chains will also help to hold the two ends of your bracelet together, which can make it much easier for you to put it on and take it off. Plus, they come in a range of beautiful designs, so they can add an extra dash of style and personality to your bracelet, just like a traditional charm would.